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Life in a suburban madhouse!
My baby sister is 40 this year, and after 25 years of NO exercise, and having shunned all manner of transport except 4 wheels she has decided to cycle round India for charity!

She leaves for Delhi tomorrow. Please keep her in your thoughts and if you are like me, and think "Daft Cow" feel free to donate to the charity, its a very worth while cause.

Good Luck VIV!!! I am SO proud of you.

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..but it pours.

My Stepmother of 18years is in hospital after suffering a mild heart attack. She's in a MALE ward, and she's friggin 81 yeears old. Fucking Blair needs t sort the NHS out NOW.

She's tough, she'll be home soon, but meanwhile my dad is like a lost soul, and having his meals cooked for him by my sister (which I suspect he's rather enjoying even if it did involve my 2 kids and nephew)

Spoke to the boss today, he's gonna think of a solution. At least I didnt get a row, or a lecture. Helps that the HR director rang me a few times and suggested that I know more about HR than some managers. She will discuss this with him tomorrow.... Yay!!! Hopefully he might ask her for a solution to my predicament.

BB is back. Full of women, some I love and the OMG girly ones I cant abide. what is it with squealing and pink!! Argh!!!!! I *had* to watch though, just so I know who is who when I read the tabloids tomorrow.

My house I might add is relatively clean, as long as the curtains are closed, and you lose your eyes to the dust in the corners

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